UC Reimbursement Programs

We will tailor a customized unemployment compensation program that will save you money.  Federal law allows a nonprofit organization to opt out of the state unemployment tax system.  By opting out of the state unemployment trust fund, a nonprofit organization can expect to save 30% off this annual cost; however, there are risks to self-insuring insurance claims internally.  Through our network of insurance carriers, we can provide our clients with an upfront, annual cost, eliminating the risk of going over budget while receiving assistance on all unemployment claims.

Unemployment Claim Administration

Managing unemployment claims can be tough; we can make it easy.  Our network of third party claim administrators (TPA) specialize in unemployment claims and are here to work with you and actively manage your unemployment claim process.  As an independent advisor, we will match you with the best TPA that is right for your business.  Using a TPA can help reduce your claim costs on average by 20%, making it the smart choice for unemployment taxpayers and reimbursers alike.


UC Consulting

Have questions or need advice on UC?  Don't make a big decision without discussing the impacts with a professional.  A merger or layoff can expose your organization to thousands of dollars in unemployment claim liability.  Let UC Solutions Group be your experts.

Let's Talk!

Please get in touch with us to learn more about one or all of the solutions we can provide your organization.